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The additive KALKOpor

Improves and simplifies the processing of historic lime mortar

KALKOpor from

of the can

Improves the texture of lime plasters.

Achieves by its properties a faster carbonation and drying of damp masonry.

Particularly suitable for the preservation of historical monuments due to the absence of dispersing and water-repellent agents with full performance.

KALKOpor is the winner of the Austrian Innovation Award.

KALKOpor, the effective

Help with:

rising damp

Condensation humidity

Building moisture during monument renovation

Pipe burst / water damage

Floods / high water

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The Buschek pore technology from the can is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for a professional, final restoration.

KALKOpor is added to sand and lime (lime putty or dust lime).

The secret lies in the pore technology

KALKOpor is an Austrian innovation and market leader in the field of damp wall plaster. This obliges us to be responsible and to use raw materials, energy and the environment in a way that conserves resources.

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KALKOpor was ideally suited for controlling the moisture in the area of the ceiling frescoes in the Votivkirche in Vienna. The good results are still visible today.

- Beate Prinzen

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